Las Animas Concrete began in 1964 as a small ready mix concrete supplier with only 3 trucks and few employees.  Mabel and Warren French successfully ran and expanded the company for many years before retiring in 1994.  After their retirement, they passed the company on to their son, Scott, who still owns and operates it.  Las Animas Concrete is family owned and operated with Scott, his wife and their four children working together.  We expanded to Marina in 2005 and are happy to serve the Monterey Bay area as well. From a backyard patio to a 500 yard commercial foundation, Las Animas Concrete takes pride in a job well done.  We value honesty, integrity and are proud of our knowledgeable and helpful staff.   We strive to produce strong and consistent concrete and will help you through whatever project you are working on.


VISION: “Stay as No. 1 Quality Provider for the Region”

MISSION: “ To continue delivering quality thru constant innovation, training and scientific approach. We also elect our most valuable resource – our staff – over profits where we pride in our retention rate. Moreover, we spare no efforts to maintain our staff knowledge with cutting edge technologies. We maintain a local service with global standards”


Innovative: Not only we aspire to bring new technology into our operation but we constantly take internal ideas and convert them into functional processes, equipment and methods to build our proprietary know-how.
Transparent: Our processes are user-friendly designed allowing external parties ability to collect information at any stage of production.
Ethical: We continue to reject any attempts that breaks the code of ethics we hold. Our ethical policies matters have Zero Tolerance Policy to any mistakes.
Family culture: We will maintain the family culture in the company and resist Corporate Invasion.
Quality: Our pride is how high is our Quality of Product and not products profits.
Compliance: Always adhering to regulations and standards without compromise.


LAC prides in maintaining a family-oriented culture. Staff are considered an extension to the FRENCH family members. Hence, the overall feeling and day-to-day dealings in the company are based on a “communal” approach where extreme formality is an unwanted overhead. We understand that each member of the company-family is entrusted with a primary role based on their knowledge and experience; sometimes they also assist across the organization to complete a different function.